Asian oil derivatives volumes on CME surge 19.2% on month in April

Date:2016-05-06 10:29:25

Asian oil derivative clearing and trading activity on the CME Group's platforms saw a 19.2% month on month rise to 34,647 transactions in April, according to data from the exchange Wednesday.

The largest gains were in its Dubai crude derivative offerings, which tripled to 1,225 trades in April from 299 in March.

This was followed by an 80.6% month on month rise in middle distillate trading and clearing activity to 15,647 contracts.

The biggest gains within this part of the barrel were in gasoil derivatives, which more than doubled to 14,292 in April. Both jet (36.4% month on month fall to 550), and regrade (21.5% fall to just 805) hedging activity dropped sharply following the close of the North Asian winter heating demand season.

The largest month-on-month slide was in the residual fuels segment, which recorded a 22.2% fall over the course of April to 7,910 transactions. 380 CST high sulfur fuel oil swaps fell 23.2% month on month to 6,165 in April, while 180 CST HSFO instruments edged up 3.2% over the same period to 1,461.

Light ends related paper activity dipped slightly in April by 0.7% on month to 9,865. Naphtha derivative activity fell by 32.1% over this period to 1,135, while motor gasoline transactions saw a 5.7% uptick to 8,730.

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