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  • Name: Bentonite
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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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Bentonite swells greatly when it meets water. It owns excellent colloid nature and can increase the viscosity of suspend fluid. While it is applied in drilling mud, it can improve the lubricating property of drilling tools and can clean the rock clinker. It is widely applied in drilling constructions at stratums with complicated structures to avoid accident.


Item Specification
600r/min 30mpas min
Yield point/Plastic Viscosity 3 max
Filtrate Volume ml 15 max
Moisture % 10% max
Residue of Diameter Greater than 75um% 4 max

Chemical Index:

Item Specification
SiO2 69.32
Al2O3 14.27
Fe2O3 1.84
FeO 0.63
CaO 1.99
MgO 2.69
Na2O 1.85
P2O3 0.04
TiO2 0.13
K2O 1.38

One metric ton woven polypropylene jumbo bag with polyethlene liner/25kg PP woven bags