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  • Name: Calcium Bromide
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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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Calcium bromide is a single salt (CaBr2) clear brine fluid with a density of 14.2 pounds per gallon.
Calcium bromide has the following feature and benefits:

  • It is nondamaging to the formation,
  • It is thermally and chemically stable,
  • It can be blended with other solutions containing bromides and chlorides, and
  • It contains 52% (by weight) calcium bromide in solution.


Item Specification
Solid Liquid
Content% 98%Min 52%Min
Moisture% 4.5%Max ------
PH Value 7-9 6-7.5
Insoluble in Water 3%Max 0.3%Max
Chloride 0.1%Max 0.2%Max
Sulphide 0.05%Max 0.05%

Mainly applied in ocean oil wells as completion fluid, stationary liquid and workover fluid.

25kgs bags/340kgs drums/1700kgs IBC tank