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  • Name: Calcium Formate
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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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Calcium Formate is an organic acid salt for use in pig and poultry diets. It acts as a preservative in the feed and also has an acidifying effect in the gastro-intestinal tract, promoting good gut health. It is also another type of non-chloride accelerator used to accelerate the setting time of concrete, and it widely use in making better leather and some chemical product.

Quality Specifications:

Item Specification
Appreance White powder
Content: 98.00%min
Ca: 30.1% min
Pb 0.0008%max
As : 0.0005%max
Insoluble in the water : 0.5%max
PH: 6.5-7.5

Usage & Dosage:
As new type feed additive, can boost the digestion of animals and the absorption of nutritive materials, increase the feed conversion rate, lower the feed consumption.
Used in buildings. It can be used as coagulator, lubricating agent and early strength admixture of cement.

Packed in PP woven/paper bags of 25kgs/1000kgs net each.

The product should be kept in shady, dry and ventilated warehouse with environment temperature controlled within 122F and relative humidity 50%. It should be prevented from sun and rain, and positioned in some place away from heat and fire.

Avoid contacting with eyes, skin and clothing. Otherwise, wash with a flush of water. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete handling and hazard data.