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  • Name: Caustic Soda
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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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Product: Caustic Soda 99% min
Another name: Sodium Hydroxide 99%
Cas No.: 1310-73-2
It has strong hygroscopicity under normal temperature. It can be reacted into sodium carbonate(na2co3) with carbon dioxide(co2)after absorbing moisture.


Items Specifications
Appearance White flakes/pearls
Sodium Hydroxide 99% min
Sodium Carbonate 0.9% max
Sodium Chloride 0.15% max
Ferric(Fe2o3) 0.005% max

Sodium hydroxide is basic materials of chemical, widely used in the industries including chemical, medicine, food, metallurgy, metal surface treatment, oil refinery, textile auxiliary, paper making, printing dyeing, pesticide, fiber pulp sheet, synthetic detergent, glass, porcelain enamel and leather making etc..

Packed in pp woven bags of 25kgs net each.