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  • Name: Chrome Free Lignosulphonate
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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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Chrome free lignosulfonate is a thinner used in drilling fluids and fluid loss control agent. It has the character of anti-high temperature no-poisonous and anti-electrolytes and being used with other admixture agent etc. It is mainly suitable to the all kinds of muds.

Physical and chemical:

Item Requirement
Material insoluble to water (%) ≤2.5
Moisture (%) ≤8.5
PH(2% water solution) 2.8~3.8
Appearance Brown powder


  1. With excellent thinning performance and filtration control capacity ,the mud performance of fresh water is better than salt water mud.
  2. Anti-high temperature 150℃,it can cooperate with other admixture agent.
  3. The product isn`t combustible or explosible and no poison 、no corroding. It`s safe to using and no pollution to environment.
  4. The product is a good emulsifier in mud.

1、free-Chrome thinner may be added into drilling fluids either in the form of solution or powder. PH:10.0~10.5
2、As a thinner ,fresh water mud 1.0%(W/V), salt water mud 2.0%(W/V).
3、25kg net weight. With PE film bag inside and paper-plastic complex bag outside.

1. Hazardless
The chemical property of this product is stable and will not change in the normal temperature and ordinary pressure. This product is in weak acid, avoid from the breakage of package and wearing full protective clothing to protect from contact with skin when carrying.
2. Storage
Avoid from water and wet. Keep away from heat. Put in the place of dry and ventilate.

It will not self-ignition,you can put out with water or foam fire-extinguisher when it was ignited.

First aid:
If contact with eye and skin, wash eyes with lots of water and wash skin thoroughly with water.