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  • Name: Resilient Graphite
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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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It is a resilient, angular, dual-composition carbon-based material that allows tightly packed particles under compression in pores and fractures to expand or contract without being dislodged or collapsed due to changes in differential pressures.
Resilient Graphite, a lost circulation additive for synthetic and oil-based drilling fluids, is utilized to stop losses in porous and fractured formations. It is also effective in water-based fluids as a lost circulation additive and solid lubricant for torque and drag reduction.

Technical Index:

Item Specification
Fixed Carbon% 98.5%Min
Sulphur% 0.05%Max
Ash% 1%Max
VM% 0.5%Max
Moisture% 0.5%Max
Size 0-0.3mm/ 0.2-0.6mm

Seal porous and fractured formations.
Impart lubricity to water-based fluids.
Reduce torque and drag.

Packed in paper bags of 25kgs net each.