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  • Name: Modified Corn Starch
  • ID: a10
  • Time: 2015-12-02
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This product is used for filtration control in all types of water base drilling fluids ranging from fresh to salt saturated waters. It also has shale inhibitive characteristics. It meets or exceeds API 13A specifications. Its thermal stability is up to 120℃. It is also can be bacterial fermentation.

Quality Specification

Item Specifications
Appearance White powder
Suspension capability 600r/min reading Distilled water ≤18
40g/L saline water ≤18
Saturated saline water ≤20
Salty water ≤20
filtration Distilled water ≤10 cm3
40g/L saline water ≤10 cm3
Saturated saline water ≤10 cm3
Salty water ≤10 cm3
Residue (≥2000μm) Nil

Usage & Dosage:
This product could be added into drilling fluid directly or slowly added into water to form dense colloid solution in case of forming large blocks to influence solution rate.
Suggested dosage is 0.5-1 %.

The product is usually kept in a compound or multi-wall bags, with each net weight 25 KG; Special packages are available based on customers' requirements.

The product should be kept in shady, dry and ventilated warehouse with environment temperature controlled within 122F and relative humidity 50%. It should be prevented from sun and rain, and positioned in some place away from heat and fire; the recommendation for bag piles is no more than 8 layers.
The expiration period is 12 months. It should not be utilized unless examined and qualified if out of expiration.

Avoid contacting with eyes, skin and clothing. Otherwise, wash with a flush of water. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete handling and hazard data.