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  • Name: Sodium Lignosulphonate
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  • Time: 2015-12-02
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Sodium Lignosulphonate

Products Introduction:
Sodium Lignosulphonate ( lignosulfonate )concrete water reducer are mainly for concrete mixture as water-reducing additive. Low dosage , low air content , water reducing rate is high ,adapt to most kind of cement. Can confected as concrete early-age strength enhancer , concrete retarder , antifreeze , pumping aids etc. Nearly no precipitate product in the liquor additive which is made from The sodium lignosulphonate and Naphthalin-Group High-Efficiency Water Reducer .The sodium Lignosulphonate is fit for apply to building project, dam project, thruway project etc. The Sodium Lignosulphonate is economical one.

Main Specification :

Item Specification
Appearance Yellow Brown Powder
PH 9-11
Dry Matter 92%Min
Moisture 7%Max
Water Insoluble Matte 2.5% Max
Lingosulphonate 50% Min
Total Reducing Matter 4% Max

Main Performance:

  1. Can reduce 10% of water consumption at least ;
  2. Can improve mixture of the concrete;
  3. Compression strength improves by more than 15% equally on 3-28 days;
  4. Can reduce the initial stage of the cement heat of hydration by a large margin;
  5. Have no function of corroding on the reinforcing bar.

Operation Methods :

  1. 0.2-0.5% of mixing amount in concrete (with cement weight), users can adjust the mixing amount through the test ;
  2. Can use after mixed liquid , also can put with cement , aggregate into mixer to use at the same time too, need lengthen time properly;
  3. The result is more obvious after mixing with high-efficient naphthalene department water-reducing agent. User can determine the suitable dosage according to the result that cement variety, aggregate situation, naphthalene department type of water-reducing agent are tested fixing;

Notice :

  1. Strict control to avoid excessive dosage;
  2. When the temperature lowers under 5 C° common concrete projects are not suitable using the chemical additive independently.
  3. Experiment to make sure the dosage before use.

Packing & Storage & Transportation :

  1. Packing : Packed in plastic woven bag with 25kg net weight .
  2. Storage :It shall be stored in a waterproof, rainproof place to avoid agglomeration. If there is agglomeration, smashing it or dissolving it will not affect using effect. The product is harmless and does not deteriorate in long term. It's not a flammable and explosive substance.
  3. Transportation : It's suitable for both truck transportation and railway transportaion without any limit of remnant cargo or full truck.