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  • Name: Organophilic Clay
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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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Organophilic Clay rheological additive is an easy dispersing, self activating organoclay that exhibits high performance efficiency in diesel, low aromatic mineral oil and synthetic base fluid formulation.


  1. Excellent anti-settling features
  2. Fine dispersion and particle size.
  3. Good self-activated property. Requires no external chemical activators.
  4. Rapid yielding
  5. Is not harmful to the environment

Typical properties:

Composition Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay
Appearance Fine powder, light yellow
Moisture content (105℃,2hr) ≤3.5%
Loss on ignition max,%(1000℃) (42±2)%
Bulk density 0.40~0.60g/cm3
Fineness (<74μm, %) ≥99%

Organophilic Clay is a self-activating gallant offering rapid yield development, high gel strengths, and increased efficiency. The unique properties of GC-250A are especially valuable in low-shear mud plant operations and during completion fluid manufacture at the well site.
Organophilic Clay imparts high gel strengths to inverts and all-oil muds. This translates into muds and slurries having improved anti-settling and downhole sag resistance properties.

Packaging and storage:
Brown paper packages plus internal polyethylene film bags. The weight of each package is generally 25+-0.25kg according to customer demands. Keep it in dry places with temperature of 0℃-30℃.The quality guarantee period is 18 months.