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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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Hydrocarbon resin L-120 is light yellow aromatic resin obtained from polymerizing C9 fraction, which derived from the by-product of thermal cracking of naphtha.This resin shows good solubility, water resistance, excellent chemical stability over acid and alkali, etc.

Product Specifications:

Items Standard
Softening Point, Ring & Ball, °C 110~120
Color, Gardner, 50% resin solids in toluene Max 7#
Acid Value, KOH mg/g Max 0.2
Bromine Number, Br. g/100g Max 30
Ash % Max 0.04

Suggested Uses:
Hydrocarbon resin L-120 is mainly used for paints & coatings, printing inks, adhesives, etc.

Packaging, Transportation And Storage:
Hydrocarbon resin L-120 is packed in multi-ply paper bags. Its net weight is 25kg per bag, The packing can be changed according to client’s requirements. It can be transported by truck, train and ship etc. but must avoid sunlight, rain-drenched, damp, hook, alkali and oxidant. The one-year period storage should be in ventilating, cool and dry place.