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  • Time: 2015-11-19
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Potassium Chloride is a soluble salt that is an extremely efficient shale stabilizer when drilling hydro sensitive clays and shales. Inhibition is produced through exchange; the potassium ion enters between the individual clay platelets in the shale so that they are held together , thus eliminating entry of water from the drilling fluid.

Typical Properties:
Purity: 96%min
K2O: 60%min

Potassium Chloride is used to prepare solids free workover and completion fluids with densities up to 9.7lb/gal.
Potassium Chloride brines contribute to formation damage control by stabilizing the water sensitive clays during workover and completion operations.
Potassium Chloride is used as economical source of potassium for inhibitive water-base drilling and completion fluids.
Potassium Chloride brines eliminate the risk of scale formation when either the produced gas or formation waters are rich in carbonate and sulfate ions.

Packed in 25kgs or 1000kgs bags.