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  • Name: Gluconic Acid
  • ID: a85
  • Time: 2015-11-19
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CAS: 526-95-4
MW: 196.16
EINECS: 208-401-4


Item specifications
Character light yellow transparent syrup-like liquid
Identification Pass
Heavy metals(pb)% ≤0.002
Lead(pb),ppm ≤10
Aesenic(As),ppm ≤3
Reducing substances,% ≤0.5
Choloride(Cl),% ≤0.02
Calcium(Ca),% ≤0.03
Sulphate(SO4),% ≤0.03
Assay(C6H12O7),% 50-52%

Used for medicine, acid-base balance of the body can be adjusted in order to restore normal nerve function, for the same purpose, used in food additives; As water quality stabilizer, and its superiority in coordination has obvious effects, suitable for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite, and other formulations, the effect of a coordinated, inhibition effect of greatly increased; In contrast with the general corrosion, corrosion rate with increasing temperature; Scale capacity technical requirements, calcium, magnesium, iron has a strong complexing ability, especially Fe3 + has an excellent chelating action.

250kg plastic drum ( Size:58×92cm).

in dry, clean and airiness place, the valid period is 1 year. It is normal chemicals avoid sunlight and rain.