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  • Time: 2016-11-15
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Product Name:Calcium Magnesium Acetates Solid Commercial Deicer
Works best above 20°F (-7°C)
Has long lasting effect - better than salt or urea
Breaks/inhibits bond between snow/ice and pavement
Creates a dry, powdery snow which improves traction

Technical Item:

Item Specification
Calcium : Magnesium Molar Ratio 3.5:6.5
Purity 96.2%
Water Insoluble material 3.80%
Appearance Light Yellow Spherical granule
Size Of Granule 1.2-4.5mm
Solution(20°C) 26%
PH(10% Aqueous Solution 20°C) 9.0
Bulk Density 600KG/M3

Low corrosion: less corrosive than tap water
Safe for concrete: the safest deicer for concrete
Excellent inhibitor: reduces chloride corrosion
Safe for the environment: biodegradable, low toxicity
Residual effect: requires fewer applications
Multi-purpose: use straight, with salt, with sand, or as a liquid

Application: Apply early in the storm to prevent snow/ice bonding
First application: Commercial = 15-20 lbs./1000 ft2(75-100 g/m2)
        Highway = 300-400 lbs./lane mile (20-40 g/m2)
Wait at least 20 minutes to remove snow/ice
Re-apply when new snow/ice accumulation shows first tendency to pack (bond)

Biodegrades to CO2and H2O
Calcium and magnesium increase soil permeability
Essentially non-toxic to aquatic species
Poor mobility in soil - unlikely to reach groundwater
Safe for vegetation
Does not contain nitrogen, sodium, or chlorides

May be stored indefinitely if kept dry
Take care to avoid caking caused by excess moisture
Excessive handling may cause dustiness