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  • Time: 2018-02-01
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Product Introduction:
Deicer/Anti-icier is another new snow melting and deicing products. The main chemical is potassium acetate, adding some inhibitor.
The appearance is colorless and clarified liquid, non-toxic, non-pollution and corrosion.

1. Colorless and clarified solution.
2. Non-toxic, non-pollution and corrosion.
3. Low freezing point, it is lower than -60℃; 
4. Efficient and convenient in application.
5. As a kind of alkaline fertilizer, it can reduce soil acidity and provide a lot of carbon fertilizer.

It is an efficient product to melt the snow and ice on the urban road, highways, airports, bridges and other facilities; also in some football and golf ground because of its fertilizing ability.  Because of the special inhibiter, it can eliminate the corrosion of road and public facilities at the same time. 

Typical Properties:

Item Specifications
Content % 50%min
Inhibitor % 1.2%min
Specific Gravity 1.27 min
PH 7-11.5
Appearance Clear transparent

Application Rates:
It can be sprayed by machine or by hand. This product can also be dissolved into the solution of different concentration for spraying. In the process of using, according to the snowfall, ice thickness, temperature, traffic and many other different flexibility.
Anti-icing: about 2L/100M2
Deicing: about 3-4L/100M2 for thin ice under 2cm
More approximate information, please refer to the following table.

Temperature Ice thickness≤ 2cm Ice thickness 2-5cm Ice thickness 5-10cm Ice thickness ≥10cm
0 ~ -25 0.03L/M2 0.05L/M2 0.07L/M2 0.1L/M2
-25 ~ -45 0.04L/M2 0.06L/M2 0.08L/M2 0.12L/M2
-45 ~-50 0.06L/M2 0.09L/M2 0.11L/M2 0.16L/M2

IBC Tanks or Flexitanks.