About us
Founded by Mr. Alex Ren in 2000, GREATCHEM is an international company active in oil drilling chemicals, food additives, Anti-freezing Chemicals, Mining Agent Chemicals, Fertilizers and other related chemicals.
Headquartered at Qingdao City China,GREATCHEM is one of the top chemical companies which is committed to supply quality chemical products at competitive prices. We are currently exporting more than 100 kinds of products worldwide. We maintain stringent quality control programs with ISO9001 Standard and observe international codes and practices, and are thereby able to cater to our clients satisfactorily.
With efforts from our highly technical staff, GREATCHEM has a proven ability to anticipate market trends before its competitors, combining strategic sourcing relationships, and expert insights into the markets.

The largest company for Calcium Chloride in China
Our Calcium Chloride is made from the Soda effluents of soda ash production. The effluents used to be discharged into the Sea and caused serious pollution. After the processing from Soda effluents to Calcium Chloride, the pollution has been effectively eliminated. Calcium Chloride 74 % Flakes, 77 % Flakes and Calcium Chloride 94 % Pellets are our major products, which are widely used in oil drilling, food producing, road de-icing etc.
With the annual capacity of 300,000Mt, we are the largest company for Calcium Chloride in China and have been supplying to our customers worldwide since 2000.

The leading company for Xanthan Gum in China
Xanthan gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide produced by viscous fermentation. Its unique functionality compared to other commercial polysaccharides is provided by the actual structure of the Xanthan gum molecule. It is widely used as a thickener and stabilizer in oil drilling industry and as food additives in food industry.
With annual capacity of 100,000Mt, our Xanthan Gum products are enjoying good reputation for its competitive price and high quality.

The leading company for Sodium Formate and Potassium Formate in China
In the oil and gas industry, formate brines are the main ingredients of drilling and completion fluids used for reservoir sections in high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) drilling.
Our capacity for Bromides is 150,000Mt. We are supplying both the solid form and brine to our customers worldwide.